Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

How it can Help Improve Back Health

Do you suffer frequent bouts of back pain? Have you considered undergoing surgery to manage the pain so you could live a better life? You need to think again. Resorting to surgery is not always an option. It can be costly and the recovery period can take longer than anticipated. In such cases your doctor might recommend physical therapy for back pain.

So what actually is physical therapy for back pain?

The actual aim of physical therapy is to reduce the frequent bouts of pain, make it manageable and also provide information on how to prevent the pain from returning.

Some basic kind of physical therapy include the following

  • PT therapies or passive therapies for back pain. These refer to the use of heat and cold compresses to provide relief to tense back muscles. Electrical stimulation is used as well to send small currents into the different parts of the back to release the bubbles of air created due to tense muscles.
  • AC therapies, this refers to active therapies and includes several kind of physical exercises which are aimed at specific muscle groups. Lower back pain can be treated with active physical therapy and is considered as some of the most successful modes of treatment.

The many benefits of physical therapy and exercise for back pain

The following are some of the benefits of exercise for lower back pain

  • The stronger your back muscles the better they are able to support our lumbar region
  • Exercise can help strengthen the core. Core refers to the abdominal muscles. Tighter core muscles provide additional strength to the spine.
  • Most research points towards the benefits of exercise for lower back pain. Though such episodes may be self-limiting and can often get better on their own, it still helps to perform regular exercise.
  • Exercise also causes the brain to release endorphins. These are basically feel good chemicals which can induce a sense of wellbeing. Exercise helps release these chemicals and send them to different parts of the body. This is why people find relief from the pain as well.
  • Exercise helps a person feel healthy and active. Proper exercise under a trained fitness instructor can help lose weight in the long run, especially when combined with the right kind of diet.

Some exercises for back pain

The following are a few exercises which are a part of physical therapy for back pain. These include

  • Stretching exercises. Muscles which suffer from dystrophy can find immediate relief from proper stretching techniques. It helps relax the muscles as well. Stretching exercises for lower back, the lumbar region and legs can help improve circulation and provide immediate relief from pain.
  • Stabilizing exercises make use of stability balls and other equipment which can help restore back health by providing the necessary exercise to specific areas in the back

There are many benefits of undergoing physical therapy for back pain. Most of the time patients resort to surgery as a last resort. It is advisable to at least consider physical therapy as a mode of treatment.