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Mobile Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has various areas in which to perform its work, home care being well-known competition and in many cases requested by the patients themselves, who are convalescent and cannot move to a centre, or to which it is more practical to take advantage of the sessions to perform the treatment in their own home.

These type of home services offer a good solution for people who, either for convenience or necessity, seek physical recovery to be carried out in their own home. Therefore, this brings a series of benefits, but also some drawbacks.

Advantages of home physiotherapy

  • Comfort: Without a doubt, it is the main advantage. It allows people with difficulty (or inability) to move to receive quality treatment in their own home. Otherwise, they would have to travel, needing help or a greater financial outlay to hire a companion, adapted vehicle, etc.
  • Flexibility: The service at home is adaptable, and helps the person to recover their physical and functional abilities in the area in which they are going to develop habitually. It is not the same to walk down a corridor than to have to train to get around at home, with the difficulties of narrower corridors than a recovery centre.
  • Individualized treatment: Without a doubt, the great advantage of this type of services is the time that can be dedicated to the person. Being in their own environment, the person feels cared for in a more personal way. It is not that in other environments it does not occur, but at home one can dedicate time to things that in consultation or in the room do not give place.
  • Adherence to treatment: All these factors positively influence the person to feel comfortable with the treatment. Being the professional who goes home, it is easier to get the person to comply with the guidelines they are giving, which has a positive effect on the results of the therapy.

Advise on hiring home physiotherapy

As for home care, what you should keep in mind especially is that the professional is qualified. You can search for professionals who attend at home on the website of clinics and physiotherapy centres. There are also sections in newspapers.

There is nothing wrong with contacting physiotherapists who offer their services on these types of pages, which are used to find all kinds of information, but it is advisable to always consult the professional’s data to know if he is a member of an association and if he is trustworthy. Having references of other people you know should not be the only motivation to hire a professional, and there is nothing wrong with consulting their Professional College to know if the professional is technically and legally able to offer the service.

It is also useful to know the curriculum and experience of the professional. At least know if they have the ability to treat the injury or pathology that occurs since a physiotherapist accustomed to treating athletes is not the same as one who works with children or neurological patients.

As for prices, the session must have a price in accordance. Prices that are too cheap may suggest that the person is not complying with payment obligations involving physiotherapy services, which should be regulated and controlled and should not be offered at low prices with the sole objective of obtaining clients, lowering the quality of the