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Medical Alert Systems

Questions to ask before you buy one

If you are looking for a medical alert system there are certain questions you need to ask before you purchase one. Questions regarding pricing, equipment and the company are quite important. Not asking the right questions could result I you being settled with a tedious yearlong contract.

Just make sure you ask the following questions

Does the medical alert system require a land line?

Most alarm systems are designed with a land line in mind. These are connected directly to the phone jack. And would make a phone call on your behalf as soon as the emergency button is pressed. For those who dot have an option of a land line, several companies now offer cellular based services. the pendant often has a tethered range of 800 to 1400 feet radius to the base station.

What’s the range of the medical alert system?

For those who are looking to a buy typical medical alert systems, get to know that the pendant is wirelessly connected to the base station. The distance between the pendant button and the base station is known as the range. The range is determined in terms of radius. Distance starts anywhere from six hundred meters and can stretch to 1400 meters.

Who will install the medical alert system?

Though the medic alert systems are easy to install and can be done on a do it yourself basis. However, if you aren’t a very technical person you could even ask a representative from the company to help you set up the alarm system.

What is the location of the call center and what is their response time?

While most companies have a local call center there are quite a few which outsource these services. Their response time is pretty important. Any emergency can be prevented with a timely response.

Is the alarm system waterproof?

A waterproof alarm system should be your first choice because this means your loved one never parts from it even while taking a shower. Majority of accidents happen in the bathroom and if your loved one ha the pendant near them they could manage to make the call and avoid any stressful situation.

Does the device come with a fall detector?

The fall detector specification can immediately send an alarm to the call center in case it detects that the person has fallen down. However, keep in mind that this specification could increase the cost of the device and is not always very accurate. There could be false alarms and not all falls are recorded on a timely basis.

What is the return policy in case I don’t need the alarm anymore?

It’s necessary that the alarm system should have a return policy. Keeping an alarm system working is actually expensive. However, there are instances where you might need to discontinue use. Make sure you know how much they charge for a return policy and whether you require the alarm system for a long period of time.